Frequently Asked Questions are listed below!
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All games – Running into game crashes or other issues:
If the game is running into strange problems or crashes, try deleting the app from your device and then re-downloading and installing it from the app store (a restore from iTunes on Apple devices may not always work). Also be sure to do a force reboot of your device, as this will usually help with clearing up issues.

All of your profile data and progress in Motocross Matchup is saved on our servers, so you will not lose anything when you do this. When Game Center asks you if you want to keep your name on the Game Center leaderboards, simply touch the “Keep” button.

All iPhone Games: Profile Creation “Name already exists or is illegal”
There are a couple of reasons why your profile could be illegal.

MX Offroad & Supercross HD – Crashing after the finish line
Unfortunately, there is a known crash that shows up at the end of a race after passing the finish line that affects certain devices. We are currently investigating this issue and should hopefully be able to address this in the near future. If you are seeing this problem, please try updating Android to the latest version to see if that addresses the problem.

MX Offroad & Motocross Matchup – Having issues when game performing initial installation?
These  games will require around 300-400 MB of space free in order to download all the required texture packs. This will be installed on your SD card when it performs the initial updating process, so please be sure there is enough free space on there. Also be sure that the phone is not connected to any computer as this would mount your SD card and make it inaccessible to the phone.

Ricky Carmichael’s Motocross Matchup – Upgrading Rider
Don’t forget to grab the Level Performance Caps from the store, as these will increase the upgrade capacity of your bike and rider and let you use your upgrades. These are unlocked starting at level 5 and continue up until you reach level 30.

Ricky Carmichael’s Motocross Matchup – Performing a Backflip
Here’s some more info on how to perform the trick, that might help those having difficulty with this trick. Find a big jump and tip the device forward then backward just before you leave the ground. You can control the rotation of the bike by tipping the device to the desired direction.

Ricky Carmichael’s Motocross Matchup – Music issues:
If you are hearing music from your own library being played in the game, without your previous consent, then please do the following. Try force closing any music or media player apps you may have running in the background to alleviate the problem for the time being. We are currently looking to get this properly addressed in the near future.

MX Offroad – Free version even though purchased
Have you purchased the game, yet the game still shows the demo version? Please have a try at going through the purchase process again from within the game, selecting the Buy Now button. This should see that you have previously bought it, unlock the game, and should not recharge you. This might take a few tries for to it properly register and requires a proper connection to the internet. Also, be sure you are logged into the account that you used when you originally purchased the item if you are migrating from different devices.

2XL ATV Offroad:  Multiplayer Issue
In multiplayer, if the game doesn’t connect the first time you try to join a session, try again several times until you do connect. The game only makes a single attempt to connect when you press the button and if it fails it does not try again in the current version.

2XL Live:  Stats aren’t showing up
Our 2XL Live servers are currently offline at the moment and we unfortunately do not have any eta on when they will be back up.

BAJA: Edge of Control:  Can’t play online
Unfortunately, online support for BAJA has been discontinued by the game’s publisher.