Ratings Explained

We’ve received several questions from players asking how the Rating system works, so we thought we’d give you a brief introduction.

When you start playing the game for the first time, your Rating starts off at 0. Every time you win a race, your Rating goes up. And every time you lose a race, your Rating goes down. Over time, your Rating becomes a measurement of how good a racer you are.

The amount your Rating goes up or down after a race is a function of how much higher, or lower, your Rating is compared to your opponent’s. When your Rating is much higher, you are expected to win the race. If you win, your Rating won’t go up very much because that is what was supposed to happen. If you lose, your Rating will go down a lot because you were expected to win.

Likewise, if your Rating is much lower than your opponent’s, you are expected to lose the race. If you actually win, your Rating will go up quite a bit.

This system introduces some interesting elements into Ricky Carmichael’s Motocross Matchup. Deciding who you should race against becomes a critical decision you have to make every time you get matched up.

Ideally, you want to find someone with a higher Rating than you but at a lower Level and lower Win Percentage. In this situation your bike and rider will probably have more upgrades, you will have a technical advantage over your opponent and if you win the race, your Rating will go up a lot. Also, if you lose, your Rating won’t go down that much because your opponent was expected to win. So you have little to lose and a lot to gain!

As you become a better player and your Rating goes up, you will begin to find fewer and fewer of these “ideal” match ups coming your way, and you will have no choice but to accept matchups with players who have lower Ratings than you. You may win most of them, but your ability to improve your Rating will start to slow down. Having a bad race can hurt quite a bit and wipe out several of your previous wins. As a result, top players are best served trying to find matchups with other top players.

We are aware of a rare problem where your Rating will not change at the end of a race. After your next race, however, your Rating will include the previous change and the current increase or decrease. The end result is correct, but it can appear that your rating went down after a win or went up after a loss. We will fix this bug as soon as we can.

As always, please feel free to send us any questions you may have about the Rating system of the game in general.

Have fun and we’ll see you on the track!